• Demo of Robot Speaking

    Swaleh Owais12/12/2023 at 09:50 0 comments

    Quick demo of the robot speaking and movement of the eyes, eye lids, and neck. There are some latency issues that need to be resolved as the audio is not in sync with the display output (sin wave).

  • Demo at Taipei Makerfaire

    Swaleh Owais12/06/2023 at 23:19 0 comments

    I had the chance to demonstrate RobotGPT at the Taipei Makerfaire. The robot exhibit was pretty popular and a lot of Taiwanese folk has fun interacting with it. In particular, elders found it to be an accessible way to play with AI tools for the first time.

  • Updated Eye Mechanism

    Swaleh Owais12/06/2023 at 23:11 0 comments

    Here is the dual axis eye mechanism for the animatronic robot.

  • The eyes look like they have cataracts

    Swaleh Owais10/31/2023 at 05:13 0 comments

    I went through the process of creating the lens for the eye. Even after extensive sanding of the eyes, I was not happy with the surface finish. For future iterations, I will need to print the mold positive with a finer layer resolution. Tbh, it kind of looks like the eyes have cataracts.

  • Eye mechanism

    Swaleh Owais10/26/2023 at 20:58 0 comments

    Current eye mechanism for robot. Some issues with the eyes shaking during movement. Need to add a dampener somehow.

  • Week of October 18th

    Swaleh Owais10/18/2023 at 13:08 0 comments

    Main Goal

    • Conceptualization and design work for this project. By end of week, I want a deliverable of a detailed CAD mockup and ready to print mechanism for eyes.


    • Wednesday
      • Project organization
    • Thursday
      • Work on CAD mockup
    • Friday
      • Work on CAD mockup


    • Wednesday
      • Made project plan and schedule
      • Ordered components for project
    • Thursday
    • Friday

    End of Week Reflection on Actual Progress

    [To Be Written]

  • October 18th 2023: The schedule

    Swaleh Owais10/18/2023 at 13:00 0 comments

    I am in Taiwan until November 30. Ideally, I want to present this project at MakerFaire Taiwan on November 18th. Also I am going to Saudi Arabia from October 30th - November 5th. Oh and I also want to finish my BabelFish glasses at some point. Essentially, I have no time to get this project done. But unreasonable schedules are my forte!!

    Below I have outlined a rough timetable of how I want to complete this project:


    • October 16th - October 20th
      • Conceptual design work 
    • October 23rd - October 27th
      • Make eye mechanism
      • Make mouth interface
      • Film short reel of animatronic robot saying ni-hao
    • November 6th - November 10th
      • Make arm lift mechanism
    • November 13th - November 17th
      • Embed chatGPT with animatronic robot


    • October 27th
      • Have eye mechanism finished
    • November 10th
      • Have all mechanical aspects of robot finished
    • November 15th
      • Have robot finished

  • October 18th 2023: The inspiration

    Swaleh Owais10/18/2023 at 12:40 0 comments

    A few months ago, I saw this well edited YouTube video: 

    The robot in this video is simply a work of art! I want to build a similar robot geared specifically for translation purposes. Instead of always asking my Taiwanese friends to translate for me, I can refer to this robot!

    The centerpiece of this robot is definitely the eye mechanism. They were expertly designed as an open-source project by Will Cogley.  In terms of the mouth, I defintely want something that is visually embedded with the robot acoustics but I do not want to plagarize this project entirely. Considering that this is supposed to be a translator bot, I should probably add a section where viewers can read the robot's speech in both english and chinese.