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Controlling an old Philips Amplifier with IR, RC5 and Home Assistant via esphome

schlionschlion 10/18/2023 at 15:190 Comments

My old Marantz RX 263 ampilfier became flaky and died :(

So I got a new one on kleinanzeigen (basically German Craigslist) for 20 €.

Before we ha an extension cord with TP-Link Kasa smart plug. It would turn on the amplifier and a Bluetooth dongle. Since the amplifier did not have any persistent memory, there were two timed relays, connected to the AUX and the VOL+ button, to set the correct volume and input. I'm actually quite proud of the solution, and it served me well for 8 years. What might have killed the amplifier, was me stealing power from the +16V rail, for the relays. Or turning it on and off at the outlet. Or it just gave up. Who knows.

All of this hassle for being able to have music in the kitchen and turn it on and off via home assistant.

The new amplifier, a Philips FR732 has persistent memory. So now I could just plug it into the extension cord and call it a day. But I don't want to kill another amplifier by forcefully turning it on and off. Also there is a power socket on the back which can probably turn a device (e.g. my Bluetooth dongle) on and off.