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    Connections for Components

    Lidar 1 (Power) to community Power

    Lidar 2 to Nano A4 (orange)

    Lidar 3 to Nano A5 (white)

    Lidar 4 (Ground) to community ground

    Lidar 5 to community ground (I2C Programming)

    Lidar 6 Unused

    Capacitor Positive to community power

    Capacitor Neg to community ground

    Bluetooth 1 Unused

    Bluetooth 2 (Power) to community power

    Bluetooth 3 (Ground) to community ground

    Bluetooth 4 TXD to Nano D2 (Pin 2)

    Bluetooth 5 RXD to Nano D3 (Pin 3)

    Bluetooth 6 Unused

    Battery Power to VIN (used 9V to test)

    Battery Neg to community ground

    Nano 5V to community power

    Nano ground to community ground

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    Sample Code

    #include <Arduino.h>

    #include <Wire.h>        // Instantiate the Wire library
    #include <TFLI2C.h>      // TFLuna-I2C Library v.0.1.1
    #include <SoftwareSerial.h>

    SoftwareSerial HM10(2, 3); // RX = 2, TX = 3

    char appData;  

    String inData = "";
    TFLI2C tflI2C;
    int16_t  tfDist;    // distance in centimeters
    int16_t  tfAddr = TFL_DEF_ADR;  // Use this default I2C address
    int waitTime = 2000;

    void setup(){
        Serial.begin(9600);  // Initalize serial port
        Wire.begin();           // Initalize Wire library
        HM10.begin(9600); // set HM10 serial at 9600 baud rate

    void loop(){
          if(tflI2C.getData(tfDist, tfAddr)){
            HM10.println(String(tfDist/2.54)+" inches");

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    Download BLE app on IPhone or Android

    I used BLESerialTiny for IPhone to connect to BT05 (the HM10 Module)