I am Back

A project log for An Old Fashion Acoustic Modem for the iPhone

My son recently returned from a holiday in China. His biggest complaint was the blocking of FaceBook!

agp.cooperagp.cooper 03/15/2017 at 13:040 Comments

I am Back

I have been on holidays and busy working on a couple of other projects.

Anyway I fired up the CNC and made three more wooden slices for the modem case.

Just one more wooden slice and the strip-board to go.

I have to have a look at the strip-board layout and how I am going to route the USB cable.

Also some code to communicate to the host computer and to set the modem as originate or answer.

The other problem is that I will need to make a second modem to talk to!

The Modem Box

Here is the completed modem box (top view):

No iPhone:

Bottom view:


So work remaining is to design the strip-board, the USB cable route and perhaps a varnish.