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A project log for Smartwatch 10 Years Ultra-Long Battery Life

Smartwatch wearable, ultra-long life measured in years, no need to recharge.

valentineVALENTINE 01/22/2024 at 03:280 Comments

It's a long and convoluted calculation but bottom line, the design as is today will cost me 2uAh, so that would be about 50 years on a 1Ah battery drained to the bottom. I don't like that. On a 100mAh that's 5 years. Upside is of course solar charging, so make some lose some, make more than lose I guess.

The calculation was that I lost 1V in 2.45 minutes on a 400uF battery, so F*V/3600 that's about 100nAh, with 0.05 hours, that's 2uAh, give or take. Sssssss......