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Hardware Accelerated Machine Vision platform using the Xilinx Zync 7000 FPGA+ARM System on a Chip and OV04689-H67A 4K CMOS Sensor

avrAVR 01/24/2017 at 07:190 Comments

So I've been teasing this project for quite sometime, the specs were up in the air for a while but things have now solidified to an extent and I've been working my way through implementing the schematic. Originally the ZyncMV was going to be a relative of the OpenMV platform replacing the STM32 ARM Cortex M7 with the Xilinx Zynq FPGA+ARM SoC using the same camera module etc.

Initially the specifications were as follows:

- Xilinx XC7Z010-1CLG225C Dual Core ARM Cortex A9 667MHZ + Artix 7 FPGA 28K Cells
- OV7725 VGA Camera Module
- Micron LDDR2 Memory Module
- USB 2.0 Connectivity
- ESP8285 WiFI SoC for wireless operation
- GPIO headers for addons and hacking
- Onboard DCDC regulators for all voltages with enough current for accessories and hacking

ZyncMV started out being very similar to the OpenMV platform but after a bit more research I decided it was more capable than I originally realized so I decided to change the image sensor to a higher resolution model and swap the memory to DDR3L since its more available. At the same time I decided that WiFi is non essential so its currently been dropped as a feature unless there is space on the PCB later. Initially the power system was going to be constucted out of DCDC regulators with some filtering to smooth out the voltage but I decided that it was a rather janky implementation for such a complex and high end piece of silicon so I decided to use a power management controller IC in place of the 3 regulators. With all those chnages ZyncMV evolved into its own unique hardware project instead of a mashup of others. The following are the new specifications:

- Xilinx XC7Z010-1CLG225C Dual Core ARM Cortex A9 667MHZ + Artix 7 FPGA 28K Cells
- OV04689-H67A 4K Camera Module
- Micron MT41K512M8DA-107-XIT:P DDR3L 512MB Memory Module
- USB 2.0 Connectivity
- GPIO headers for addons and hacking
- TPS659118A2ZRCT Power management controller IC

Even though its essentially a whole new project and design, its been inspired by both the ZynqBerry and the OpenMV projects showcased here on So thank you guys for sharing your projects and knowledge!

This is the biggest most insane thing I've attempted yet, so stay tune for more fun to follow!