Connecting to Raspberry Pi's Serial Console using WiSer

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Bringing wireless convenience to serial connectivity

jaydeepJaydeep 12/09/2023 at 12:110 Comments

While numerous development boards exist in the market, the Raspberry Pi stands as the go-to device for hobbyists and tinkerers. And why not? It's remarkably straightforward to connect a Raspberry Pi to an HDMI display, attach a keyboard and mouse, and voilà! You have a functional setup. When lacking a display, keyboard, and mouse, you can still remotely access the Raspberry Pi via SSH by connecting it over Ethernet or Wi-Fi. But what if you lack both Ethernet and Wi-Fi connections, rendering SSH inaccessible?

Fear not, for there is an alternative method to access the Raspberry Pi — the Serial Console. Utilizing the serial console also offers a way for users to view boot logs, providing insight into the boot-up process should users wish to tweak it. The serial console of the Raspberry Pi is accessible on the GPIO header, as depicted in the image below.



WiSer-TTLRaspberry Pi
GNDGround (Pin 6)
RXDTXD (Pin 8)
TXDRXD (Pin 10)