Titanium sublimation pump

This is a small project to build a titanium sublimation pump for my vacuum chamber.

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I was able to create a small titanium sublimation vacuum pump using a few simple components.
This pump is part of my larger vacuum chamber system. I had previously shown a simple vacuum setup in several other projects: and .
Most of my vacuum table uses kf-25 sizes.

This pump consists of a short ~20mm coiled 26 gauge titanium filament wire supported by 2 copper wires.. These wires are pushed through a 1" silicone stopper.
The semi-conical silicone stopper is fitted tightly into a KF-25 100mm flange and clamped with a sealing ring.

A benchtop power supply is used to generate ~12V 5A of power. A separate transformaer power supply may be used later to supply thicker filaments at higher currents.

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