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A project log for shack-standard power plugs

solve the mess that is wall plugs, voltages and connectors that never fit your project by introducing yet another standard

felix-richterFelix Richter 03/31/2017 at 21:580 Comments

In February makefu took the chance to give the audience of the shackspace thundertalks a short introduction about the project.

The whole presentation was no longer than 10 minutes but it was a lot of fun.

The slides can be viewed at

After the thundertalks the hacker swim took action to also build a gender changer to charge his e-bike but somewhat failed in a fantastic way. Besides changing the gender, he also switched the polarity of the sources! Attaching two power sources with this ingenious device will result in a nice spark and possibly the release of some magic smoke.

Of course this device was tested once because not swim or makefu checked it :D before usage. The new "gender changer of doom" now hangs prestigious left of the shack-standard shelve.