Cases and Label for DC converter

A project log for shack-standard power plugs

solve the mess that is wall plugs, voltages and connectors that never fit your project by introducing yet another standard

felix-richterFelix Richter 04/04/2017 at 22:210 Comments

First things first: Thanks to exco most the small dc-dc converter have a case which protects their sensitive insides from swetty hacker fingers. The designs can be found on Thingiverse and of course on the shack Standard github page.

Yesterday each shack Standard AC-DC and DC-DC converter received a dedicated label. Each label has two primary uses:

1. Identify the converter as a part of the Standard

2. Show the parameters in which range these devices can operate (in and out Voltage / max Wattage).

In addition to that the DC-DC converter have a sticker attached which try to explain how to change the voltage and what the buttons mean. Because the 80V Step-Up has an interface designed without User Experience (UX) in mind I also added a link to a video which shows how to operate the device.

Until now now plugs died because of misuse like pulling too much power which would lead to overheating. I hope it stays like this with the new labels.