Ai Ham Radio Responder

AI clone of yourself as a ham amateur

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• An AI clone of yourself as a ham amateur
• Voice cloning is possible to use your voice instead of Ai voice.
• Ai listens for your call when you’re away and answers them in a friendly QSO.
• Vision is possible to ask if it’s cloudy? signal reading, etc.….
• The QSO is saved in a text file. Can Retrieve later to read out or read or search on a html page.
• Ai check for answers from predefined form you have fill info like location, name, etc.
• Acts as an answering machine that answers for you.
• Have a conversation with it.
• Can listen to calls in QSO and pass msg to an operator.
• Could host a net by itself.
• Can act as lots of things, a beacon, announce weather warnings.
• From the ham shack see online the Realtime transcript of your contact with the ai ham happen
• Ham operator can text in the program and AI will transmit msg

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