A project log for One kilobyte Tiny BASIC for the 8080 and Z80

BASIC for the 8080 and Z80, fits in 1K of memory, runs BASIC games on a 2K system. Features similar to Palo Alto Tiny BASIC.

willstevenswill.stevens 04/13/2024 at 08:190 Comments

Now that I’m working on a Z80 version, I need to find a suitable Z80 emulator to run it on. For the 8080 version I used my own emulator, which I had tested using a range of 8080 test suites. I was also able to run it on Stefan Tramm’s 8080 emulator.

I tried running the Z80 version on Sydney Smith’s Z80 emulator, which is derived from Stefan Tramm’s, but it seemed to me that JR NZ didn’t work correctly. So I searched for other emulators and hit on Altair32. This is an emulator that runs under Windows. It is self-contained and doesn’t need much installation. It supports both the 8080 and Z80, and is already configured to have console I/O on ports 0 and 1.