Ghost Themed Headphone Stand

Remember Ghost from PACMAN? This headphone stand is themed after him.

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This headphone stand was inspired by PAC Man's GHOST. It is entirely 3D printed, and it even has LEDs inside the eyes to simulate pupil movement.

Greetings everyone and welcome back.

Here's something useful: A headphone stand themed around Ghost from PACMAN.

The entire thing was modeled in Fusion360, then we made the LED PCB, 3D printed all the parts, and assembled the model. The Ghost Headphone Stand was designed to resemble the Ghost from Pacman. In addition, we placed a few LEDs within the ghost's eye that glow.

Ghost v5.f3d

fusion - 2.30 MB - 01/05/2024 at 06:49



Adobe Portable Document Format - 144.35 kB - 01/05/2024 at 06:48


  • 1 × Custom PCB Provided by seeed studio
  • 1 × XIAO ESP32 S3
  • 4 × RGB LED 5050 Package
  • 2 × 1 Ohms 1206 Resistor
  • 4 × 3D-printed components

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    3D Design

    In order to create the project's 3D design, we first imported a ghost image into Fusion360, adjusted its size to our liking, and then began modeling the area surrounding it to give it shape.

    We included a backside LED PCB and modeled eyes into the design. The EYE portion was built with two separate sections, each with its own LED; when the LED glows, one of the squares in each eye illuminates, mimicking the pupil of the eye.

    Furthermore, we incorporated a PCB design from an earlier project; the XIAO Breakout PCB was utilized and modeled in the Ghost Headphone Stand.

    Following design completion, we 3D printed every component, using gray PLA for the main body and lid and white PLA for the eyes.

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    PCB Design

    The project's PCB design was a straightforward LED PCB with two 5050 Package SMD RGB LEDs connected to each other via a 1 Ohm 1206 Package resistor with a GND pin.

    Since the two LEDs' anodes are connected to two CON3 ports, we can activate the R, G, or B lights by connecting a positive signal to either or all of the CON3 pins.

    For the PCB Layout and board design, we used measurements from the CAD drawing and placed the led in the correct position. The board was subsequently sent to Seeed Fusion for samples.

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    Seeed Fusion PCB Service

    For this project, we are using one square small PCB along with an XIAO ESP32 S3 DEV board, both provided by Seeed Studio.

    An order was placed for a white soldermask with black silkscreen.

    The quality was super good considering the rate, which was also pretty low.

    Seeed Fusion offers one-stop prototyping for PCB manufacture and PCB assembly, and as a result, they produce superior-quality PCBs and fast-turnkey PCBA within 7 working days.

    Seeed Studio Fusion PCB Assembly Service takes care of the entire fabrication process, from PCB manufacturing, parts sourcing, assembly, and testing services, so you can be sure that they are getting a quality product.

    After gauging market interest and verifying a working prototype, Seeed Propagate Service can help you bring the product to market with professional guidance and a strong network of connections.

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