Breakout Boards for .5mm TQFP ICs

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CPLD-flavored VGA Video card

PKPK 09/03/2014 at 02:410 Comments

In response to a question in the comments by mylistgroups12, I wanted to show two of the breakout boards I acquired when starting this project.  I should note: I originally thought I might fit everything into a smaller CPLD (recall this post), which was in a 64 .5mm QFP size.  Still, I got a few breakouts which support the larger, 100 pin size - but even with the 64 pin broken out (I did 5 to practice with the smaller CPLD, but only added pins to one) it was tedious to wire Vcc/Vss.

In the top right, of course, you can see VGAtonic - roughly 3" x 3", for scale.

In the upper right is a breakout board I bought from Futurlec: (Currently: select 'Components' at top, then on the left 'Sockets', 'SMD Adapter').  It can only support an 100 pin chip, but it makes the pins easier to use/count.

On the bottom is both sides of an adapter I bought on ebay from user e-sale2010.  I'd try searching 'QFP Adapter' - but this is nice because you can use anything from 32 - 100 pins in the .5mm pitch.  However, the pin count will be funky - I had to make a spreadsheet to convert the labeled pin number to the actual pin number on the CPLDs.

Hope this helps!