• Channel Scanning: Hops across all WiFi channels, collecting data on WiFi traffic.
  • Real-Time Data: Displays the total count of WiFi packets detected as a live graph.
  • Traffic Averaging: Implements a moving average algorithm to smooth short-term fluctuations and highlight overall WiFi activity trends.
  • Visual Feedback: Includes an RGB LED that changes color based on the level of WiFi traffic, offering an at-a-glance pollution indicator.

How It Works:

EtherFog operates by continuously hopping between WiFi channels (1 to 14), staying on each channel for a predefined interval. Every packet detected is counted, and this data is processed to compute a moving average, providing a stable measure of WiFi activity over time. The result is then visually represented through an RGB LED—green for low activity, transitioning to red for high activity levels, indicating the presence of dense WiFi traffic or "pollution."


EtherFog is ideal for those who are sensitive to WiFi exposure or for anyone interested in the digital infrastructure of their environment. It can be used in homes, workplaces, or public spaces where understanding WiFi signal density is essential.