Why HSB color mode?

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jvsalatinojvsalatino 01/20/2017 at 19:240 Comments

Why HSB color mode?
We are accustomed to using the RGB color model to define the color of
our applications and it is unusual to hear about the HSB color mode.

This mode allows us to define a color using the physical parameters that define any color.
"H" is the color in itself, without any alteration. "S" is the saturation, ie the purity of the color. And "B" is the brightness, that is if it is lighter or darker.

IF we take any color, and we express it in its RGB components, for example: R = 115, G = 75, B = 187, and then we take red, green and blue oil painting and mix quantities proportional to those values and We mix, we will not get by any chance the desired color.
The reason is that the RGB color mode is based on the additive synthesis (mixture of lights), while when we want to achieve a certain color by mixing pigments, we use subtractive synthesis.
In the "FILES" section, you will find a file called "proccess.pdf", where I try to explain how to use the HSB color mode to obtain the necessary information for pigment mixing.

These videos are

experiments I did long ago to verify that color information can be used

using the HSB color mode to control a mechanical device.

Enjoy them , wait for your feedback. thanks for read.