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A project log for Desktop Thermometer

A simple desktop thermometer using a TMP36/TMP37, small microcontroller and LED display

thebrokenengineerTheBrokenEngineer 02/06/2024 at 10:520 Comments

In my previous post I rambled on about having to plug little wires into a breadboard. It turns out that this is a good thing. I did have a mistake in my design, not with the schematic but the footprint for one of the components. If you have been reading along, I will give you a photo of the correct/working version below, see if you can spot the difference.

Take a look at the small transistor looking thing at the bottom of the breadboard, notice it now? This device is the TMP3x temperature sensor. The component is still in the same orientation but the power and ground are swapped. 

I wired this as per the schematic/PCB pin layout, the problem was that the datasheet has the pin orientation viewed from the BOTTOM and not the TOP as with other data sheets such as those from TI or Microchip.

Top Tip: If you wire this thing backwards it gets very, very hot; touch it and you burn yourself; don't ask me how I know. I guess that is why I am the broken engineer :(