Trip To Rockler

A project log for Othermill Stand

The DesignLab needed a stand to accomodate an Othermachine Co. Othermill and the controller laptop in as small a footprint as possible.

supplyframe-designlabSupplyframe DesignLab 01/24/2017 at 19:460 Comments

Managed to get out to Rockler today now that we have a break in the weather. I dismantled one of the stands to pull the drawer slides off to take with me as examples. The slides are part of Rockler's "Centerline" series.

The bottom shelf uses Rockler's 100LB BLK OT 757 Series 16" drawer slides (Item # 47396)

The top shelf uses Rockler's 100LB BLK OT 757 Series 10" drawer slides (Item # 47057)

These are just the slides we happened to choose when we were at Rockler at the time. If you stick to the lengths of 10" for the top shelf and 16" for the bottom shelf, I wouldn't get too hung up on whether it's overtravelling, or Centerline, etc. Just make sure you buy the same brand, because the thickness of the slides is very important... the top and bottom shelves need to float on their drawer slides at the same distance from either leg when they're finally assembled and using different brands will most likely prevent that from happening.