Not quite modular yet... sunk cost?

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A Raspberry Pi based camera that can swap body parts and camera modules

jacob-david-c-cunninghamJacob David C Cunningham 03/04/2024 at 20:050 Comments

Oh man... so I've been trying the wide angle camera and I'm just disappointed honestly... I guess what do I expect you know? You can't compare this to a real camera eg. Sony Alpha Nex-5n (APS-C camera from 14 yrs ago).

I went ahead and ordered the standard camera module so I can try that... to see how it is with regard to the nasty distortion.

I have started to experiment with settings... I have to make a web interface so I can try them faster/in real time as I dial it down for a new GUI.

The ability to set focus electronically (as opposed to mechanical eg. with your hand) is nice.

I will go to the park today just to try out the camera outside... will have photos in like 5 hrs or so.


This is the key to modularity for now... I can't design a PCB board right now (not in my skillset) so this will do... for a detachable camera. Since I now have 2... and this connector actually can detach any camera... since they all use that 15-pin format.

I need a way to set the focus by GUI for sure...since right now it seems that things that are closer are much sharper than far away (using infinite focus eg. 0).

There's ghosting/softness is the part that is disappointing for me... but I have only been using it indoors without doing any settings so it could be (probably is) just a user problem.


I did go... I'm just dumb, I left the focus hardcoded to 1-3m ahhhhhh I'll have to go again... plus side I'll take the HQ Cam with me to do some comparison