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A project log for SolarEdge Meter

Monitoring a SolarEdge PV system through API's and an ESP32.

marcel-chabotMarcel Chabot 02/26/2024 at 00:330 Comments

I have a Photovoltaic Solar Array on my roof, and as a nerd I just can't NOT know how it is doing up there. Bureaucracy being what it is, it was installed in the summer, and I didn't get Permission to Operate from the local electric company until late November! Located in the snow-covered wasteland of Hoth, my daily entertainment has been watching the daily production climb as we start to see the sun again.

The problem is that the only way to view the production is via a web page or phone app. Being the ADD person I am, every time a ray of sunshine came through my office window, I was drawn to open the app or load the dashboard web page. Leaving the dashboard up on a spare monitor and a Raspberry Pi just didn't feel right, spending all that electricity to watch my electricity production.

I do have is the SolarEdge API documentation and a Pi Pico W unit. The adventure begins.