It lives!

A project log for Interak Computer Restoration

My efforts to restore an original Interak computer

willWill 03/01/2024 at 16:240 Comments

As I randomly slid cards in and out, trying various combinations, I suddenly noticed something. The random characters on screen didn't look so random!

More in-and-out card-swapping, trying them in different slots, and power-cycles... hey, those aren't random characters any more!

A good clean of all the card edge contacts, more card swapping, and hey, it lives!

Ok, so I can't have the CPU in the left hand slot (where it was installed when I received it!) but if I move it to the right then the system at least tries to boot!

So what next? I have an FDC card, and I even have some old floppy drives knocking around (not Interak drives, but standard floppy drives). Even if I can read a floppy though, how would I write a boot floppy in the first place? Hmmm!