Can I control other GPIOs while OSPi is running?

A project log for MQTT hack for OpenSprinkler OSPi

At the beginning of 2024 the opensprinkler firmware cannot (yet) subscribe to MQTT topics. Can I make a hack to solve this?

mabe42MaBe42 03/03/2024 at 08:360 Comments


As I use Debian bookworm with kernel 6.1 I can control the GPIOs without using WiringPi (which as I understand is used by OSPi).

I wrote a short python script to blink LEDs on GPIO 16 and 20. These GPIOs are not used by OSPi by default. As I understand the OSPi documentation, further GPIOs might be used by defining them in the configuration. But for my irrigation project I do not have any such intentions.

It turns out that I can run the blinking program ( while running OSPi without any interference between both of them.

This looks promising!