High Voltage, High Current Measurement

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That's right, the Toyota Camry Hybrid is going to save the world. Don't believe me, follow along as an old 2007 transforms into awesome.

sciencedude1990sciencedude1990 03/17/2024 at 04:530 Comments

Before jumping in and buying the Camry, first I wanted to reproduce the high voltage and high current measurements in the US Department of Energy document.  So, I need to measure ~300 V for the hybrid battery pack, and about 130 Amps for discharge, and -100 Amps for charging.

First, I need a big resistor divider that can withstand that.  A single resistor will break down, so I'm going to try with the snake of 1210 resistors so that no one resistor gets a large voltage.  Testing will be done on my regular AC, because I have a split plug, I can get 240 RMS, or 339.4 V pkpk between the phases...

Here is the isolated ADC test board - ready to be battery powered so completely floating for the high voltages and transients.

For measuring current, I was going to try a TI DRV5053 placed right beside a current carrying conductor, and just measure the tiny field surrounding the cable...