Week #4

A project log for D-Grip

Creating a custom tool to assist Diego, a child with a hand disability, with tasks requiring both hands.

inescalvo-alierines.calvo-alier 04/11/2024 at 08:100 Comments

In today's class we created the prototype bellow:

Testing the prototype in a hand to check the ergonomics

Using Solidworks,  we develop a 3D model tailored to Diego's hand measurements. We meticulously optimized the thickness to ensure maximum comfort and minimized the weight; as for simplifying the printing process, we detected that it wasnt necessary to have this V shape mirrored in one of the sides, because with just one V shape the knife would totally be secured and locked in its placed. Also, getting rid of this part, will lead to reduce material and printing time.

V shape in both sides.

Additionally, we refined the edges to maintain sharpness while ensuring safety. As you can see in the images, this prototype enters the knife from a different axis so that the force of the hand and the plate counteract each other. Furthermore, we made a very little cut where  the knife is placed so that it adapts to any knife handle, even if it is larger.