Week #5

A project log for D-Grip

Creating a custom tool to assist Diego, a child with a hand disability, with tasks requiring both hands.

brunoBruno 04/25/2024 at 17:270 Comments

From the observations gathered through our experimental method, it was apparent that the 3D model of our product already enables a secure grip on the knife. The slight separation between the gripping surfaces allows for the use of knives of varying sizes, aiming to make our product universally adaptable for the majority of knives.

Details on the knife's grip

During this session, we redesigned the device, considering the different challenges encountered in order to improve its ergonomy. While the product may initially seem comfortable and functional, it became evident that its previous rectangular structure could lead to discomfort after extended use. To address this issue, we propose incorporating curves to soften these areas and enhance usability. Below, we include some renders we created to illustrate to the progress of the prototype modeled in 3D and to locate the product in context for the better reader's understanding

Device's progress
Product contextualisation

Our focus for the upcoming week will be on  refining our prototype to meet the highest standards of functionality, comfort and user satisfaction.