Week #7

A project log for D-Grip

Creating a custom tool to assist Diego, a child with a hand disability, with tasks requiring both hands.

inescalvo-alierines.calvo-alier 05/14/2024 at 16:430 Comments

In this session, we focused on creating new different prototypes to accommodate various users and clients. We understand that each user has unique needs, and not everyone faces the same challenges with specific utensils. Therefore, we decided to adapt our prototype to work with different utensils such as forks based on the specific requirements of each user.

We specifically adapted the prototype to fit the dimensions of a fork, as requested by Diego. This allowed us to develop multiple versions of the prototype tailored for different utensils, ensuring a versatile and personalized solution.

It was important for us to adapt our prototype to the dimensions of IKEA utensils, as they are widely available and easy to obtain, and it is a very common brand for people to buy these utensils from. This ensures that our users can easily find compatible utensils without any hassle.

We continue to develop and 3D print detailed models, which enables us to make ongoing improvements and correct any issues that may arise. Our aim is to refine these prototypes to deliver a final product that is functional, safe, and customized to meet the individual needs of each user.

Improved 3d model 

Finally, during today's class, we took the extra step of directly involving Diego in the process. This included fitting the prototype of the knife to his hand to ensure that it met his specific needs and preferences. By doing so, we were able to obtain feedback on the comfort, usability, and overall functionality of the prototype. This hands-on approach allowed us to fine-tune the design and make adjustments as necessary, ensuring that the final product would be perfectly tailored to Diego's requirements, since it has been especifically designed for him. 

One notable comment from Diego's feedback was the lack of need to incorporate the cushion previously mentioned. Since it is a product tailored to his tastes and needs, we decided to leave the cavity where the cushion would be placed but without attaching it. This way, we have a product that is easier to clean after use and more hygienic. Nevertheless, a cushion could be installed at any time as we have preserved the previous geometry.

Testing our final prototype on Diego's hand