Week #8

A project log for D-Grip

Creating a custom tool to assist Diego, a child with a hand disability, with tasks requiring both hands.

brunoBruno 05/15/2024 at 21:410 Comments

Parallel to the execution, development, and printing of our prototype, we have also been working on modeling our device in another software. During today's session, we focused on developing the 3D digital model using OpenSCAD. Our goal was to create a versatile design file that can be adapted by any user. By using OpenSCAD, we ensured that the model could be easily modified to fit different utensil measurements, making it accessible and practical for a wide range of users. With this software, we aim to establish certain parameters of the geometry that can be modified so that the user can adapt it to the measurements of their body and comfort, allowing this way users to tailor the design to their specific needs.

Designing our device in software OpenSCAD.

The purpose of this approach is to provide a customizable solution that extends beyond Diego's specific requirements. We want other users to be able to modify the design according to their needs, making it a universal tool and this is the perfect software for it. This adaptability is crucial for making our design widely applicable and beneficial to many people, regardless of their specific challenges or the utensils they use.

By focusing on creating a modifiable 3D model, we are also promoting a collaborative, customizable and inclusive design process. Other users can build upon our work, contribute improvements, and share their versions, fostering a community-driven approach to problem-solving. This session marked a significant step towards making our project not only a solution for Diego but a resource that can help many others.