Loud model is the last one in the series

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Raspberry Pi Zero-based Home Media Center with Remote control and WiFi/Ethernet connectivity

andriymalyshenkoandriy.malyshenko 05/17/2024 at 09:350 Comments

Following the Louder model, a smaller version came into existence. Named Loud Raspberry, It is based on the very well-known MAX98357A DAC. Compared to the Louder model is it not as loud (obviously), delivering 'just' 5W of music power per channel. 

Why would you want one? For starters, it is much easier to use, just like the HiFi model you need just one line in the config file, enabling built-in overlay. Another reason is that with just a 3 Amp power requirement, you can use it with a standard wall power adapter (any modern phone charger will do). Since everyone has a few laying around, it is easier to get started.

To get a feeling, how much is the humble 5W, below is the demo video.