On Pogo Pins, Rail System Upgrade

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It's a working title. Making a modular platform for a keyboard + PC related devices It's not much more than a bunch of plastic

nickNick 04/15/2024 at 05:550 Comments

Connecting each device via a USB cable creates a mess of wires out the back of the frame.

The unga bunga way around that is some kind of bulky shroud that conceals them.

Instead I'm going to see if I can incorporate pogo pin connectors to the rail ends and modules.

I ordered these 4-pin pairs on AliExpress, which have PH2.0 plugs on the wire ends.

At the frame side, a short USB male to PH2.0 female adapter should be fine, and makes replacing them easy if I need to later on.

For the module end, I'll do the same but in reverse: PH2.0 female to USB A female, then very short (probably custom) relevant USB cables as required for whatever devices.

The modules that only need 2.0 USB so far are: