Whoops, error in lcd117_e_nokia.c

A project log for LCD117E adapted for a Nokia 1100 display

My version of Peter Anderson's awesome serial backpack, using a Nokia 1100 graphic display instead of a character lcd.

ogdentoogdento 01/31/2017 at 20:500 Comments

I just programmed a second controller using the code I posted for the project and found that the device would not display characters unless I reset it after power up.

Hmph, I've had this problem before... looks like I uploaded an old version that still had code to wait for the WDT on an RX error (even though the WDT is disabled ;) and was missing my new code to toggle CREN if the OERR bit is set.

I should really get this up on github but for now I've re-uploaded the file. Sorry for any inconvenience.