Focus is now on Mark II

A project log for Luggable PC

A nominally portable ("luggable") computer chassis for commodity desktop PC components.

RogerRoger 09/08/2017 at 16:580 Comments

This project, retroactively named Mark I, was built out of salvaged & retired computer parts. The concept worked well enough for me to embark on Mark II, which uses components I purchased for the purpose. After two major revisions I'm pretty confident the idea will pan out... eventually. Several more iterations are still needed before it meets all of my objectives.

The major differences are:

Mark IMark II
ScreenSalvaged 17" laptop LCD panel Larger 24" monitor
MotherboardFull sized ATX boardSmaller mini-ITX board
Power SupplyFull sized ATX power supply unit.Smaller SFX PSU

At this point I do not expect to put any more effort into Mark I, though if anybody wants to take the files I've shared here as a basis for their project I'd love to hear about it. 

For the foreseeable future I'll be refining Mark II. The full verbose build blog is here, the "Cliff Notes" version of progress summaries will be posted on the Mark II project page here.