Project Shelved: No More Truck

A project log for DIY Truck Camper

Open source truck bed camper for the masses.

DustinDustin 05/22/2021 at 15:100 Comments

I am shelving this project to clear up my mental clutter. I recently sold my old truck to the first friend I ever had in life. It has a good home now, but I no longer have a need or means to build a truck camper. I do have a small car trailer I may build into a camper, but that may not happen before I move to California. This project may eventually get picked up as I have a friend who bought a pickup and is selling his house to live a mobile life. May finish the designs and head out to build one for him. If I do, I'll update this as I go. I still think a truck bed camper design is needed, along with proper documentation. I'd love to finish this project some day.