New Heater: Electric Oil Radiator

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DustinDustin 01/17/2022 at 15:400 Comments

After months of using an old space heater in the camper, and it's loud fan keeping me up at night, I finally upgraded to a simple 1,500 watt electric radiator. I chose the cheapest one because I'm cheap, and also because it's the only one that was entirely mechanical. I have 3 computerized heaters that plug directly into a wall socket, but they shut off after 10 hours, regardless of settings or conditions. I hate this fact, as I'll go to work my 10 hour shift and come home to 3 heaters that have been off, and a cold home. This radiator has all mechanical controls and just stays on until you turn it off. I really enjoy such simplicity, and find it hard  to find these days. This radiator is also nearly silent. I run a small blower fan to circulate the warm air coming off the heater. It seems to heat better than the old forced air heater, and I suspect that this has to do with the thermal mass of the heater and that it radiates heat in all directions, as opposed to just forcing it out of the front.

I was hesitant to buy another 120 volt AC heater as I plan to go off grid, but there will be times when I will be at a camp site and would appreciate the silent gentle heat. If I end up never using it, I will simply give it away to someone who could use and appreciate it.

Overall I do recommend the radiator type heaters, as long as you don't expect it to heat instantly, it's a great choice. Slow, gentle, quiet heat that fills a room. Much like the old radiators. So far so good.