• Getting ready for the submission

    kelu12407/01/2024 at 20:57 0 comments

    So .. definitely a procrastinator here.  To little time, and the original port of the ESP8266 piece was too time consuming. Too many memory errors. And maybe something already too tweaked. 

    So I got back to the basics, and empty world, a couple of commands to build and explore it, no fights, ..

    But it works!

    We now have a basic MUD that runs [thanks to Mark's MUD-Pi, and Barry's ESP8266 mud work]. Crude, yes, but simple.

    Going to an interesting event on Friday (lehack, ofc in Paris) so instead of bringing an BLE CTF, might just bring something less serious and more open, more social =) And this should be a nice business case for me there!

    I like how the powerless charging bring something super light, think, OLED kept to a minimum, haven't found use for the capacitive touch "buttons" (possibly saving the world as it gets built?)

    And... a good night to you ;)

  • And the story starts

    kelu12407/01/2024 at 20:39 0 comments

    Some simple open world mechanics are put in place!

  • ESP32-MUD: Not that simple

    kelu12405/30/2024 at 08:53 0 comments

    So .. it seems there isn't much done for MUDs on IOT .. weird! 

    Still, there's this one project http://git.savsoul.com/barry/esp8266-Mud , by Barry. Works for the ESP8266, but it seems it isn't that straightforward for the ESP32 C3 mini I have chosen. There are memory issues, particularly on the socket side, so.. nope.

    I'll just be piggy backing on the mudserver.py file done and keep the mudpi file from the original project, to get more of a MUSH and less of a MUD, to stick with the project objectives. Not really to level-up characters on a business card, more exploring =) 

    I'll try and push the code on github - https://github.com/kelu124/esp32-mud/ , and see if I can set it up in a way that allows both my rpi5 and the esp32 to use the same mud engine, leaving the mudserver bits to their respective platforms.

    We still have a bit of time till the end of the contest!

  • 20240520 - Assembly !

    kelu12405/20/2024 at 11:55 0 comments

    And there is a first draft !
    You can see an ugly hack as a power source, but heck, this should do it..

  • 20240520 - Checklist - ongoing

    kelu12405/20/2024 at 11:44 0 comments

    So! Committing to this challenge. 

    Let's start with the WHY: well. that's a challenge, and I've got a couple of things I've always wanted to try out:

    • Sculpture, easy to assemble
    • Couple of touch points
    • Contains a MUD of sort
    • Thin, because, well.. business case

    The WHAT is easy:

    • A space where people explore their contact. 
    • A nice looking card, electronic sculpture like 
    • Possibility to encase it in epoxy

    The HOW around a couple of topics:

    • Energy: I've thought NFC, Solar, .. but going for another approach definitely ;)
    • Heart: ESP32 is relatively stable. There were a couple of NFC chips but I don't have bandwidth to play with them.
    • IOs: Visuals: array of leds is tough. A small OLED screen should do the trick. 

    Hackaday contraints:

    • Wafer thin; let's keep it thin-ish. The usb plug might be the bigger part
    • Aesthetics: yeah, definitely
    • Cheap: let's go for off the shelf, aliexpress components
    • Fun and games: having a toy: definitely if / with a MUD.
    • Utilitarian: see the above =)


    • Form factor: around 90x50mm - fits in a pocket
    • Do a bit more than traditional business card: yup
    • Documenting: that's what we do.
    • Design: won't be much design files, but documenting should do the trick.