Injection Time

A project log for Barnabas-Bot

An open-source educational robotics project that inspires elementary and middle school kids to invent through building their own robot

RyanRyan 04/28/2017 at 17:070 Comments

Hello people of the internet...

Now this week is a shorter one because i don't have that much content to provide. This week i added another version of the head but despite that, i need to start making everything injection mold ready.

This week we talked to the resident engineer, Dan, and he bestowed me knowledge about how to prep my parts for making the molds.

Ah yes, it's a lot more than i understand but despite all that, no one in the makerspace knows how to do it either. All i really know what to do is make sure no vertical line is 90 degrees. I hope everything will work well.

Well, until next time...