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Classic NES version of Tetris on a DIY LED Matrix Display

Koen van VlietKoen van Vliet 01/19/2020 at 10:361 Comment

A few months ago fellow user [Steve] has created his very own Ledtris display. He used a slightly different construction to my original display, also using laser cut parts. After some troubleshooting we got his display to work. Steve did a very neat job on packaging all the electronics inside his display. He has plans to use the display for other games, such as Dr. Mario.

Steve's Ledtris display

Steve's display uses a Raspberry Pi3 with a USB Soundcard and some Speakers to produce the sound. An Arduino connected to the Pi drives the LED matrix. The display is larger than mine (90 x 40 cm), so it used less dense LED strips (30 LEDs per meter) On the side of the display there are 5 buttons to decrease/increase volume and power down the system. The system is powered by a 20A 5V power supply, which is plenty to drive the display at full brightness, run the raspberry pi and the speakers. The score display is an 8 digit MAX7219 module. The game is played using a wireless 8-Bit-Do joystick.

If you have built your own Ledtris display and would like to have it featured or if you need help with the build, be sure to get in contact.


davedarko wrote 01/19/2020 at 12:38 point

that looks nicely engineered!

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