Introducing the Big Fucking Ocarina of Time Badge. *Bigger Than Last Year!!!*

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Needed to simplify so decided to try out an Ocarina-of-time-themed badge. It's heavily inspired by our original Grumpy Cat badge, just a big more advanced. Still with nice touch buttons to play the songs. Still with RGB LEDs. Still with Nyan Cat
You can play the notes to your favorite OOT song in Freeplay, or rediscover and unlock the original songs like you did so long ago in the game itself.
There also might be an Easter Egg or two.
Oh and this year's badge is back to big. Really Big.

The goal is to sell these through Hacker Warehouse this time, instead of walking around and selling them. That's starting to become an issue with the con anyways.

Target price out the door is $100.



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