Converting from Java to "C"

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Heart Failure is a debilitating condition that most old people encounters. A PoC uses coded signals, Doppler and a sound ML classifier.

Jean Pierre Le RouzicJean Pierre Le Rouzic 09/06/2017 at 19:420 Comments

Some news: I am converting my Java program (the one you can find in the "files" section of this page) in a C program.  The rational is that, as I would have to explicitly manage memory in "C" language, then I could better fit my code in a low cost CPU.

This is less easy than I envisioned. I supposed that by having a single gigantic class that incorporates other classes stripped down of their methods and having methods all belonging to this gigantic class, it would be easy to convert the "class" to "struct" and what remained would be to provide code for the JVM methods (like LinkedList or ArrayList). It is still ongoing, there is no reason I would fail, but it is a huge amount of code (2550 LoC in Java) and I will need time.