A video of the present state of Hjerte

A project log for Early and low cost detection of Heart Failure

Heart Failure is a debilitating condition that most old people encounters. A PoC uses coded signals, Doppler and a sound ML classifier.

Jean Pierre Le RouzicJean Pierre Le Rouzic 09/24/2017 at 08:220 Comments

This video shows Hjerte running on a off the shelf Raspberry Pi 3B.

It was a pleasant surprise to see that I can directly use the Jar file produced on my Ubuntu laptop on the Raspberry without having to convert anything.

For me it was a realization there was no need to search for a really lost cost version, as this Proof Of Concept costs less than $100 ($35 for RP, $35 for case, power unit, and an awful $25 for a USB Webcam having a microphone).

Another thing is that I am changing my original goals that were more or less aligned with the requirements of a failed project for a pharmaceutical company.
Now I think a much more reasonable discourse about Hjerte would be to help people manage their condition, and not detecting it.
In order to enable that, it shows the percentage of S3 sounds with respect to the number of heart beats.