Android App for SwithiFy

A project log for SwitchiFy - 4 way switching board with Wifi

SwitchiFy is an ESP8266 based wifi relay board with a 4-way switching configuration which are widely used in big living rooms and bed rooms.

Vijayenthiran SubramaniamVijayenthiran Subramaniam 04/12/2017 at 06:590 Comments

One of my friends developed a android application to control the SwitchiFy boards. The app scans for the Switchify devices and the user can select his required one. Once selected the app will take the user to toggle menu. It is still under testing phase and hope to release the stable version soon. Here are the screens:

Screen 1: Swithichfy app lists the available Switchify devices. In this case, switchify device in room 1 is listed.

Screen 2: Once the user selects the required the app will take the user to control page, where he/she can toggle the switches.