Project Log 3 | Reflecting on Level 3

A project log for dREM

dREM plans to create a mobile app that allows the user to effortlessly achieve a lucid dreaming experience through smartphone sensors.

Andrew & BenAndrew & Ben 03/31/2017 at 19:220 Comments

In regards to level 3, we took its advice and integrated the waterfall model to help us list specific set of actions where each step has to be completed before moving on. Incidentally, this is very indicative on the various levels within the Kickbox itself. Although, Level 3 said that waterfalls don't work well for maker projects and we didn't follow it to a T, it helped Ben and I focus on a specific task within the framework of a project where we constantly have ideas being born or aspects we want to look more into.

Our first waterfall objective was to determine which factors that effect sleep and can be measured to add to our app prototype. To do so, Ben and I went to the Burlington Sleep Institute and got in touch with a sleep technician to help answer our questions. As a result, using the first phase of iterative design, we wrote pseudo code for the code we would need to be created by someone savvy in computer science. We plan to test our pseudo code by asking Joel, our computer science genius sponsor. Afterwards, we will go back and improve it. Ben and I definitely had to come to terms that our first pseudo code wasn't going to be perfect or pretty. So we began the build phase by asking "What absolutely has to be there right now". As seen in the image, we have the inclusion of all the major sleep functions would aim to measure with sensors. When we wanted to test our pseudo code, we noticed that it wasn't in the format of a smart device. So to solve this problem we used a method our sponsor suggested by creating note cards, which simulate the shape of an iPhone and draw the screen and once a button is pressed you make a new note card of what the options/screen would look like.