Refining the Prototyping

A project log for GBAA: Game Boy Advance Arduino

An Arduino- based prototyping handheld housed in a GBA case

Craig HissettCraig Hissett 02/21/2017 at 00:140 Comments

Over the last week or so I have been messing around with breadboards and jumper wires and all that kind of shiz to get my project up and running in some shape or form.

Writing the menu I'm after is proving a bit (read: a lot) more tricky than I first thought, but enjoying the challenges.

In order to make it easier to carry my prototyping setups around (I'm working on both 16x2 and Nokia screens, between home and work) I am going to streamline them by making a little board to plug into the Mega's free pins to the right of the Shields.

This board will contain the Wemos D1 mini for wifi-based shenanigans, and also the Pro Micro for HID functions. Both will be connected to the i2c bus as slaves.

I was going to use the pro micro as the master and the nano (being represented by the Mega for convenience in this setup) as the slave, but it makes sense to handle all functions (including the keyboard/hid stuff) one one device. It also means if I ever switch the screen to the Nextion serial touch screen in a future revision I can potentially ditch the Nano and have the ESP8266 as the master.