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A project log for Mandalorian Infiltration Vambrace

This rapid prototyping project is to create a functional Mandalorian vambrace. Priority is to function, then to form. 02/26/2017 at 16:310 Comments

Our project was built so that anyone (even me) can build it. None of the components of the project are original. However they are all collected into one place.

I will list out the links to any software or detailed instructions for creating the hardware.

DBAN USB - This USB (works) is a bootable USB that will autorun Derik's Boot and Nuke, a program that will irrevocable delete the hard drive of the computer it boots to.

The program you need to make the usb is here -

The link to the free version of DBAN is here -

USB killer - This device will send a high voltage current through the USB drive and cause serious damage to anything it plugs into.

This is where we bought the Bug zapper for the USB Killer -

Other components required include - USB Male salvaged from a USB Cable

Kali Linux Boot - This USB will allow you to boot up a copy of Kali Linux and bypass Windows Basic security (passwords etc.). We will put a video of us bypassing Windows when we have time but for now you will have to trust us that it works.

Link to Kali Linux -

Link to program to create a bootable Linux USB -

Mini-EMP - This EMP will cause some issues for anything that runs off electricity. i.e. small electronics, phones, vending machines, and pacemakers. This is not a toy, and in the wrong hands it can cause destruction of property or death. That being said, here is a youtube on how to make one.

The video lists out the hardware required to make any equipment.