3mm mono colored prototype

A project log for RGB LED Oscilloscope

using cheap eBay kits, some cheap eBay RGB LEDs to make an LED oscilloscope (inspired by Ted Yapos - LED Oscilloscope Mk. II)

davedarkodavedarko 02/10/2017 at 11:190 Comments

Yesterday I thought I could 3D print a little LED holder to solder up a 3mm LED 10x10 matrix, where with that I could kit bash a mono prototype together - well, that escalated quickly. Out came the "blincotron". Since the front side looked a bit offset and boring, I've also added windows for the colorful backside of the pcbs to show. There are 2 potentiometer wholes and one for a switch, to manipulate "vertical gain", "horizontal sweep" and "freee running vs. triggered sweep". Still missing is a whole for the input signal (of course....) and a good spot for the 4011.