Sensor Node Custom PCB

A project log for Plant Friends

Plant Friends is a wireless plant environmental monitor system. It uses the Raspberry Pi and the Moteino and comes with an Android app!

dicksondickson 08/05/2014 at 02:370 Comments

I am about to deploy a bunch of sensor nodes for my plants (sunflowers, basil, mint etc). The problem is, making the sensor nodes on protoboard becomes a chore. To ease the process, I designed a custom PCB.

This is what it looks like fully assembled. The Moteino sits on the female headers.

The back side of the board.

The layout follows what I came up with on the protoboard version already. That means it fits into the sensor node enclosures perfectly. I stuck with using through hole parts because it is easy to solder. This took me less than 5 min to put together.

I have a couple of these boards for sale. You can grab them at my shop: