Fine tuning of pcb-rnd export to FidoCadJ

A project log for Noo-D(l)eus Ex Machina - Freeform PCB design proto

The very first prototype PCB testing the new pcb-rnd->FidoCadJ->pcb-rnd toolchain easing freeform bezier & cubic spline track/PCB creation.

a1039181a1039181 02/23/2017 at 14:460 Comments

Did a bit of troubleshooting to improve the round trip with text on the PCB, when going from pcb-rnd->FidoCadJ->pcb-rnd. I think there might be a subtle scaling issue in FidoCadJ when loading text orientated at 180 degrees. I'll need to sniff around their loader/parser a bit... not that text is really expected to make the round trip losslessly, given differences in font rendering and formats. The end user would have to touch up text most times even if the scaling is behaving properly.

I also managed to build pcb-rnd on an android phone within gnu-root. It really needs a mouse for use though. A good example of the portability of C code.

I also got FidoCadJ's android app to work on the same phone.

A keen hardware hacker with a phone or android tablet and a scroll mouse could theoretically design and export gerbers for manufacture, all on the portable device...