Internet of cablecutting is getting real (at least a bit)

A project log for Cable-Cutting-Machine

No more boring and endless cable-cutting-sessions.

Kirschner ChristophKirschner Christoph 06/03/2017 at 13:250 Comments

The last days I was playing around with Autodesk Fusion 360, to improve the designe of my machine. You can see the result in the picture on top of the log. Currently I`m redesigning most of my 3D-printed parts, because I think small adjustments here can do a lot of diverence. An other part that will be changed, is the DC-motor. I found an other one that has twice the speed and almost the same strength.

My biggest success of the last weeks can be seen in the next picture.

A friend of mine and me finally managed it to programm the sketch for the ESP 8266. Don`t mind the crazy green colour, we were simply to lazy to adjust the hex code of the backgroundcolour. :D

Have a nice weekend and keep going your projects !!! :)