First working prototype

A project log for Calendar Events Skill

Creating a skill for the Amazon Echo to allow access to updates and notifications regarding university events.

sthakkarsthakkar 04/01/2017 at 23:280 Comments

The kickbox cards were right, it was so hard for me to just put down a rough prototype. I had so much that I wanted to include, it didn't seem fair or useful to make a prototype that was nowhere near what I had originally envisioned. But I can see the benefits now that I have something real and tangible.

For this first version, I used my own schedule instead of the school's, and then inputted that as an ics file into my program. I went really basic with the analysis (nowhere near the like category breakdown that I still want for the final version). The questions too are very very basic - the baselines, the givens.

But it works. The code does what I intended it to. And that was so so exciting to witness. This is nowhere near what I want, but its a definite step in the right direction. From here, I can expand the list of answerable questions. After that, I can work on categorization. Once all of that works, I can work on inputting different schedules from around campus. And then, the extreme reaches of my goals for this project include the refinement of those first three additions to the base version, and then getting everything to get more and more predictive over time as the user falls into patterns and habits. It all just gets better and better from here on out.