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A project log for Calendar Events Skill

Creating a skill for the Amazon Echo to allow access to updates and notifications regarding university events.

sthakkarsthakkar 04/01/2017 at 23:450 Comments

Quick update: I've been in touch with a few other people who have previously made skills and that has been a great way to sate my curiosity and give me actionable steps towards refining my own approach to this project. It has also been interesting to see the diverse range of experiences that different people have had. There was this one person that has gotten to the point where skills are what he does when he's bored and he can put one together in a matter of a focused hour. Which compared to my own slow slow progress is just so impressive and almost unbelievable. But I guess practice makes perfect and subsequent skills won't require the same slow research into jargon that first time forays require.

Because talking to others seemed to be such a positive motivational source of inspiration, I also reached out about the wider industry and have a meeting set up to talk about Artificial Intelligence with a professor. I've been reading up on her work in the past, and I'm just so excited to ask her so so many questions and just hear her take on where she thinks the world is going in terms of tech and also I want to float my project by her and hopefully get her approval or at the very least, some beneficial advice. I'm just trying to get my thoughts and questions sorted out beforehand so as to prevent myself from making an absolute fool of myself when talking to her.

I'm also really glad that I made the rough prototype that I did when I did. Its really useful to have a tangible representation of your ideas when talking to others - it helps lend credibility to your project. Even though its a very weak representation of my overall goal, it has come in handy recently.