Creating story for the game at first

A project log for EcoAdventure


pierre-lucpierre-luc 05/27/2017 at 11:020 Comments


Our main goal is to create a really funny game to understand the actual problem of earth and sustainable development issues. We want to educate the youth population and to make her realize the issues are real and concern everyone. It's an advertize game and with that we can contact more people.

We are watching tutorials about adventure games because we are using adventure game studio to create our game. We need to learn different skills to make people move or create interraction between users and the game. We can also take a game already create and change a part of the code. We think we can create differents types of mini-games like that our message is going to be more easy to understand. After that we download unreal engine beacause we think we can do something on it and because on role creator we need lot of skills we don't have actually.